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I have presented this workshop at venues such as TRLD in San Francisco, CA., 8 - 10 am, Saturday, January 24, 2009.

In this supportive lab, explore exemplary educational blogs, then dive in to create your own - for professional development, class news and homework, project journals, or a student writing and discussion forum. Add images, widgets and links. Discuss internet safety and privacy. We’ll use free web tools. Your blog is yours to keep.

If you'd like this workshop in your area, please contact me. Minimum 2 hours; can be combined with other topics.

top.pngBlogging Workshop

Please explore my blogging workshop to learn about blogging. Then feel free to share a link to your blog on this page. When you do, we invite you to add your name, title and location, if you wish. If you are a wikispaces member, you can 'sign' your input automatically. If you'd like to join a discussion about this workshop and resources, click the Discussion button above and add your thoughts. You may also download my handout (pdf)

top.pngBlogging Resources

Browse articles about blogging in education. Explore educator blogs and classroom blogs. Discover links to blogging tips and tools.

top.png4J Blogs:

For students and teachers in the Eugene 4J school district , 4J blogs are hosted on the district server. To start a 4J hosted blog, visit blogs.4j.lane.edu/

top.pngTRLD 2009 Blogs:

top.pngTRLD 2008 Blogs:

NE Site PATINS-Project -Rapid Fire- (not a new blog, but lots of new tips & tricks learned from Kirsten's Workshop!)

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