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top.pngWhy use Audiobooks?

Free and low-cost audiobooks make a wonderful contribution to education.
  • Make use of down time on bus or car commutes to listen for fun or learning
  • Listen along as you read to improve comprehension
  • Listen as many times as you need
  • Students can access age-appropriate or grade-level material that may be beyond their reading level.
  • Serves as a model for English language learners (or for other language learners, given audiobooks in the target language)

top.pngFree Audiobooks

top.pngmonkey.jpgeBooks and eText

You can have eBooks or eText read aloud using text-to-speech software or web sites. The voices won't be 'human' but they are comprehensible. Advantages include the ability to see and hear text at the same time (depending on your software) and access to a far wider range of text.

top.pngOnline Stories

For younger children, these stories can delight and entertain as well as teach.

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