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Use these links to find articles, educator's blogs, classroom blogs, plus tools and tips for blogging.


Learn about blogging, ways blogs are used in education, and helpful ideas for successful blogging with students or for yourself.

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Browse blogs created by educators, for educators. These blogs can include resources, tips, teaching insights, lesson plans and more.

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Browse blogs created in the classroom by teachers and students. These blogs can include class news & homework, journals, project reports, student writing & discussion forums, individual and class portfolios and more.

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Be a better blogger with the right tools. Services to host your blog, plus blogging extras like widgets, feed (RSS) services, and quick ways to blog by phone, email and more.

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Become a better blogger with these valuable tips and ideas from the best bloggers in education.

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Once you send me your blog's web address, I'll post it here so we can share our work with one another, comment on each others' blogs and more - or click Edit this Wiki above and type in your own blog
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