Programs for Edison Students

Dear Families,

Through Edison Student Publishers and Edison Extravaganza, I offer a new range of after school, no-school day, weekend and summer camp opportunities for Edison students and parents. Your input will help me choose what classes and camps to provide, and when!

Generally, my classes and camps fill very quickly. Complete the online interest form to insure you are informed as soon as new classes and enrollment forms are available.

Most of these classes are also available as an artist-in-residence program at other schools in the Eugene-Springfield area. Contact me for more information.

Please read the descriptions below to learn more about each class or camp. Cost varies by class, depending on time and materials. Sliding scale scholarships available in most cases.


– Kirsti

• Publishing (Grade levels vary by class)

external image logo.pngNext 8-week session starts in September 2010, and will be on Wednesdays, 1:05-2:35, in Room 9. We meet one day a week after school for 8 weeks to produce a paper for the entire Edison student body. Content is determined by students and includes news, poetry, stories, comics, puzzles, photo essays, art, book and game reviews and whatever else the students imagine. Also offered on occasion on No-School Days. Visit Edison Student Publishers to learn more.

• Digital Animation (3rd-5th)

external image logo.jpgCreate your own animated digital movie, using clay, Legos, recycled junk or just about anything! We end with a fabulous film festival for friends and family, and you take home all the movies on a custom DVD! A fabulous 1 week summer camp, or a couple of Saturdays or No-School days. Visit Edison Animators to learn more.

• Digital Photography (K-5, or Parent-Child)

Learn to take great photos and create cool stuff with them. Typically a 3 hour Saturday class, but could be offered at other times as well. A one or two day after school class or a one-time No-School Day or Saturday class. Visit my photography pages to learn more.

• Digital Art Creations (K-5, or Parent-Child)

We'll use free and low-cost graphic art tools to make cool cards and designs for print and more. For examples of our tools, visit Edison's Art Links. This would be a one or two day after school class or a one-time No-School Day or Saturday class.

• Programming from 'Scratch' (3rd-5th)

external image scratch.jpgLearn to make your own movies and games using Scratch, a free programming tool for kids from MIT (Mac or Win). This would make a great week-long summer camp or could be a weekly after school class if there's enough interest.

• Create Your Own Web Site (4th-5th)

Create your own web site to share your cool creations or favorite hobbies. This would require a couple of after school sessions to really get started.

• Podcasting for Kids (3rd-5th)

Ever want to make your own digital radio show? Now's the time. If there's enough interest, we could do this as a weekly after school activity and create Edison Public Radio... Learn more about podcasting.

• Writer's Workshop (2nd-5th)

Write and web-publish your own books and stories. Work alone or with a partner, and learn a cool peer-editing process. You can even order print copies of the books you make or just write and share them online. We'll use online tools like so you can keep on creating from home. This class would meet weekly for 4-6 weeks or could be a summer camp.

• Creating Comics (1st-5th)

Who doesn't love comics? Creating them is even more fun with cool tools like PhotoBooth and ComicLife. This could be a one-time class after school or on a no-school day, or we could meet several times and publish our own comic book.

• Homework Help on the Web (3rd-5th, or Parents)

Stuck with your homework? We'll visit some cool sites for tracking down facts, getting help with math or vocabulary or finding cool ways to show what you know. This is a one-time after school or evening class.

• Google Docs Rock! (3rd-5th, or Parents)

Use Google Docs and have free, password-protected access to documents you create with Google's word processor, spread sheet and presentation tools, at your finger tips any time you're at an internet-connected computer. You can even share your docs with others - just to see, or to edit with you. Another one-time after school or evening class, with a possible follow-up to learn new tricks! (Requires/includes free sign up for a Google account).

• Keyboarding (3rd-5th)

We'll make this useful skill fun to learn and help you pick up speed and avoid bad habits at the same time. To really learn keyboarding well, we'd need to meet at least 3 times a week, for 2 or 3 weeks, but only for 30 minutes or so. With consistent practice, keyboarding will stick in your brain (and fingers).

• Blogging (Parents)

Create a blog today - right now! - using free tools! This is a one-time Saturday or evening class. Learn more.

• Got an idea?

If there's a class or camp you'd like to see that's not listed here, talk to me about it! Fill out my online form and let me know...