Podcasting Open Workshop

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Bring your curriculum and current projects to work on within a supportive environment.

top.pngGoals & Considerations

The purpose of today's workshop is to guide your own learning, with supportive colleagues on hand. We've listed a number of ideas below. By no means are we suggesting you try them all! Focus on just the thing(s) that will solve a problem, raise your confidence or understanding, or take you to the next step.

We'll be adding to this wiki on an ongoing basis. More tips and resources coming soon! (or, feel free to add some of your own).

top.pngA brief pre-workshop poll

• What do you want to do today?

Add your requests here for what you'd like to learn at this workshop:

top.pngWhere are you at now?

  • Have you used this in class?
  • Remember how to get started?
  • Any new discoveries?
  • Any frustrations or need-to-know's?
  • Best uses of podcasts?

top.pngThings to try in Garage Band

  • Add tracks - background music, synthetic tracks
  • Add images
  • Add 'chapter markers'
  • Export a podcast in different formats
  • More?

top.pngThings to try with your Podcast

  • Post a podcast to your web site
  • Post a podcast to iTunes
  • Add a podcast to a blog
  • From text to podcast
  • More?

top.pngPodcasting Links

top.pngYour Input

Please add your input about podcasting by clicking the Discussion link above, for any page on this wiki.