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Podcasting is, at its most basic, creating digital audio (and/or video) to share. It goes from there to creating a regular series of recordings or ‘episodes,’ and then publishing and promoting your series, or ‘podcast’ so others can easily access it.

These pages on podcasting include an introductory workshop and tips for an open workshop for more advanced exploration of podcasting.

top.pngPodcasting 101

Using GarageBand (iLife '08) to create a podcast

top.pngPodcasting Open Workshop

For advanced or self-paced workshop participants

top.pngAdd a Podcast

Include a link to your podcast on this web site!

top.pngBecoming a Podcaster...

There are many steps on the road to podcasting. My objective is that each of you move one more step along this pathway - and enjoy the journey!
  1. Record something on your computer and play it back
  2. Save it and share it with others as a file (by e-mail, CD-ROM, jump drive, etc.)
  3. Export your recording to an iPod
  4. Share your recording on the web
  5. Combine multiple recordings into a regular (or semi-regular) Podcast (multiple episodes)
  6. Organize and distribute your recordings via playlists in iTunes
  7. Create a 'feed' that allows people to subscribe to your multiple episodes


Like podcasting, but different, a VoiceThread combines your images with your voice, and then invites others to add their comments by voice or text. There's even a doodling tool. Learn more on my VoiceThread page.

top.pngJing Project

Another way to post annotated images and video is with Jing, a tool to capture images, record video and share.

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