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I emphasize drawing on kids' (and adults') unique imaginations, interests, and skills, along with the fun and empowerment of technology tools to facilitate hands-on, student-directed experiences, such as publishing a school newspaper in print and online, creating stop-motion animation shorts, or even exploring Legos and technology together.

For teachers, I provide flexible, hands-on workshops on a variety of technology tools and strategies applied to curriculum and productivity. Check out my links on the left to learn more!

I have been working with educational and assistive technologies for over 20 years. I enjoy helping all kids – and teachers – discover their passions and develop new skills in fun, creative ways. I am available to lead teacher workshops and technology-based camps, classes or artist-in-residence programs for schools. Learn more.

I find inspiration from other thinkers, doers and educators, such as the following TED Talk by Sugata Mitra. (Find more TED Talks about children)


  • October Issue Released in Print Oct 29, 2009
    Our October 2009 issue was the first ever created in ONE day!  Ten students took advantage of a no-school day to work from 9 am to 2:30 pm to create this issue, including a special group featu...
  • Edison Light Bulb Sept Issue is Online! Aug 20, 2009
    Our Back-to-school issue of the Edison Light Bulb, the product of our weeklong publishing camp at Edison this summer, is now online at edison-student-publishers.wikispaces.com.  The kids did a...
  • Fall 2009 Registration Coming Soon Aug 19, 2009
    Registration for the fall session of Edison Student Publishers is due Monday, September 14.  Classes start Wednesday, September 16, in Room 9, and will be held for 8 consecutive Wednesdays, fr...
  • 4J TIP Grant Workshops Apr 25, 2009
    Thanks for participating in my workshops for 4J TIP Grant Teachers, Feb 9 & 10. Keep adding your input for Teaching with Interactive Web Sites (Math & Reading).
  • Edison Light Bulb, Winter Edition is Complete! Apr 25, 2009
    The Winter Session of Edison Student Publishers has ended. Our third and final session for the year begins just after Spring Break, and registration is now closed. If you’d like to be notifie...
  • Summer Day Camps Apr 25, 2009
    Camp descriptions and dates for Edison Summer Extravaganza are almost here!  Look forward to a great summer of science, technology, art and more.
  • TRLD 2009 Apr 25, 2009
    Thanks for joining me at TRLD for workshops on Blogging and Delicious. January 22-24, 2009, in San Francisco.

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I offer local (Eugene, OR) after school, summer and weekend programs for Edison students. If your Edison child is interested, please fill out my online interest form, and I will notify you when an appropriate class comes along.

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Here you'll find collaborative resources for teachers and students on a variety of technology integration topics, including:

  • Art Tools Online – links to some of my favorite online art sites, where you can create art online (usually) for free!
  • Assistive Technology – technology resources for people with learning differences or disabilities; also links to resources on universal design for learning
  • Audiobooks – loads of links to sites that feature audiobooks you can download and listen to on your computer or iPod or other MP3 player - usually for free. Also includes links to interactive online books for kids and etext sources for use with text-to-speech tools.
  • Blogging – learn how to create your own online journal, and why it's a great tool for educators and students.
  • Help Seeing – Tips for improving how you see things on the screen, on your Mac
  • Photography for Learning Wiki – collaborative resources for digital photography in education
  • Podcasting – collaborative resources for podcasting in education
  • Printables – web sites you can use to create cool printable materials from graph paper to manipulatives to handwriting practice.
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) – how to quickly track updates to your favorite blogs and web sites
  • Social Bookmarking with Delicious – tracking and sharing your favorite web sites, with tips for students, educators and assistive technology specialists
  • Teaching with Interactive Web Sites (Math & Reading) – using sites from the 4J Bypass list to teach math and reading
  • VoiceThread – share images and video online, and create conversations!
  • Web 2.0 Tools – collaborative resources for educational uses of blogs, wikis, and other web 2.0 tools
  • The Web Catcher Wiki* – links to some of my favorite web sites, organized by age, topic, feature and learning style
  • Wikis for Learning – learn how to create your own collaborative web site, and why it's a great tool for educators and students.
*These are protected wikis - only members can contribute or edit
**These are separate wikis, also hosted by wikispaces.com.

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    Please Note: I have contributed very little to my blog this year, as I've split most of my time between parenting two very active boys and overseeing an extensive remodel! More to come soon!

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